Study Programmes

The Department offers Bachelor, Master and Doctoral programmes. Bachelor and Master programmes are conducted in Czech/Slovak, but we encourage qualified candidates with intermediate Czech/Slovak language skills to apply for the Master and Doctoral programmes. The Department offers a doctoral programm in English.

The Master degree admission examination is oral, including:
1. a test of Chinese reading skills (translation of a short text at roughly B-1 or HSK 4 level of difficulty)
2. discussion of the candidates’s research interests and potential master dissertation project, based on a reading list of related scholarly works submitted in writing one week before the exam,
3. discussion of the bachelor thesis based on an extended abstract submitted one week before the exam. There is no required length or format for the abstract, however it should give us a full picture of the candidate’s work, introducing ther research question and conclusion as well as the method and material used. The writing sample (dissertation summary) can be submitted in English.

The examination is conducted in Czech (or Slovak). There is no provision for modification of examination requirements for other than health-related reasons. We need to independently assess the Czech language skills to make a judgement whether an enrollment in our courses is feasible.

The oral exam is not designed to test the knowledge in any particular field, it is usually guided by the expressed interests and probe the candidates’s basic orientation in the area that they choose.

Full information (in Czech): Přijímací řízení.

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