Šárka Masárová

Mgr. Šárka Masárová, Ph.D.

  • zástupkyně vedoucího (deputy head) - Department of Sinology

Šárka Masárová graduated in Chinese language and literature and English language and literature at the Faculty of Arts, Palacky University in Olomouc (1998 – 2005, Master’s dissertation topic (written in Czech) – “The Analysis of Sea Imagery in Shu Ting’s Poems”). She completed her PhD in modern and contemporary Chinese literature at the Department of Chinese Language and Literature, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, East China Normal University in Shanghai, China (2010 – 2014, full scholarship of China Scholarship Council; Doctoral dissertation topic – “The Contrast of Light and Darkness in the Poetry of Zhai Yongming”, written in Chinese, the dissertation title in Chinese -《翟永明诗歌之光与暗的对照》). In 2014 – 2016 she worked as a postdoctoral research fellow at Fudan University, Department of Chinese language and literature, her postdoctoral research was focused on the analysis of Haizi’s poetry.

Her main research interest focuses on contemporary Chinese poetry, especially from Mainland China and comparative literature.

Main publications

(under her Chinese name 金莎磊):

  1. 金莎磊:《翟永明与安娜阿赫玛托娃诗作中的爱情比较研究》 ,《星星·诗歌理论》 2013年第9期中旬刊,第122-130页,ISSN 1003-9678. [JIN, Shalei: “A Comparative Study of Love in the Poetry of Zhai Yongming and Anna Akhmatova”. Xingxing shige lilun.2013 nian di 9 qi zhongxunkan, di 122-130 ye. ISSN 1003-9678.]
  1. 金莎磊:《翟永明与普拉斯黑暗诗歌差异性比较》,《华中师范大学学报(人文社会科学版)》,2014年第11期,第 120-123 页,ISSN 1000-2456. [JIN Shalei: “A Comparative Study of Divergence of Darkness Imagery in Zhai Yongming and Sylvia Plath’s Poetry”. Huazhong shifan daxue xuebao (renwen shehui kuxue ban). 2014 nian di 11 qi, di 120 – 123 ye. ISSN 1000-2456.]
  1. 金莎磊:《黑暗意识:翟永明诗歌意象分析》,《湖北社会科学》,2015年第11期,第 130-135 页,ISSN 1003-8477. [JIN Shalei: “The Consciousness of Darkness: The Analysis of Zhai Yongming’s Poetic Imagery”. Hubei shehui kexue. 2015 nian di 11 qi, di 130 – 135 ye. ISSN 1003-8477.]
  1. 金莎磊:《翟永明诗歌中水晶对照研究》,《星星诗歌理论》,2016年第11期,第 55-61 页,ISSN 1003-9678. [JIN Shalei: “A Study of Crystal Imagery in Zhai Yongming’s Poetry”. Xingxing shige lilun. 2016 nian di 11 qi, di 55 – 61 ye. ISSN 1003-9678.]




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